Sandra Vasher

Negotiation Expert

Sandra is a partner at Vasher McRoberts LLC, a negotiation training and consulting firm committed to equip clients to negotiate better, faster deals; maintain stronger, more collaborative relationships; and make decisions with a greater level of self-awareness. Formerly an executive consultant and trainer with the Prism Learning Group, Sandra has extensive expertise in consultation, negotiation and facilitation. Sandra also maintains a small solo law practice in Marietta, Georgia, and prior to joining SAB, Sandra worked as an attorney at the law firm of Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum & Nagelberg, and her work has spanned both the public and private sectors.

Sandra is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and she was a student of the Program on Negotiation, where she worked alongside PON staff to design negotiation training programs for various non-profit organizations. She has also been a trainer and mediator both with the Harvard Mediation Program and the Center for Conflict Resolution. Sandra is a Michigan State alum (go green!), and she has studied Mandarin Chinese (but cannot speak it) and lived abroad in China.