Dr. MaryJo Burchard

International Speaker, Organizational Leadership & Design

For more than 20 years, Dr. MaryJo Burchard has been equipping organizations in public and private sectors to clarify mission, develop strategies, and build strong contributing teams, both domestically and abroad. A consummate visionary with a passion to help others realize their potential and the skill to develop the systems to optimize their performance, MaryJo has consulted organizations in mission alignment and strategic planning, leadership development, and vision-casting. She is also a committed researcher in the areas of organizational ethics, organizational trust, organizational spirituality and fulfillment, and optimizing organizational change. Her passion is to help make the workplace a safe and welcoming space where people can be free to be their highest and most authentic selves.

MaryJo uses a myriad of approaches, including shared storytelling, engaging discussions, exploratory activities, appreciative inquiry, humor, role-play, and other collaborative activities. She has a passion to help people realize their capacity to do great things through strategic inquiry, coaching, facilitative planning, and networking, she strives to help every member recognize their potential as important contributors to their teams, to shared organizational learning, and to the community.

For over 11 years, MaryJo worked to develop strategic partnerships between community colleges and universities, developed training programs, networked with businesses, nonprofits, and schools to provide holistic educational care for underrepresented populations, developed curriculum, mentored faculty, and taught undergraduate and graduate business, management, and leadership coursework.

MaryJo holds a PhD in Organizational Leadership from Regent University, a MA in Leadership and Organizational Studies, and a BA in Management and Organizational Development from Fresno Pacific University. She has presented at the International Leadership Association conference, the International Study of Leadership Conference, and the Regent University Leadership Research and Practice Round Tables. MaryJo is a member of the International Leadership Association, Society of Vineyard Scholars, and the Academy of Religious Leadership. She holds a graduate certificate in Peacemaking and Conflict Studies in the Workplace from Fresno Pacific University.